Freedom to ROCK anywhere! $39.95

is the original amplifier built in a can. Just plug in your axe and flip up the switch. No electrical chord, no excess weight. It's a lightweight-heavyweight, easy to carry or strap it on. Although small in size, it is not small in sound. This bad boy has that additional control which produces feed-back, whine and grumble with just the right amount of sweetness that brings out the rocker in you!
A closely miked
delivers a wall of sound, which would make even the most seasoned arena guitarist sit up and take notice.
is the favorite of some of the most respected and feared riffers in the industry.
With it's thick & crunchy sound and attractive can it is no wonder Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top is a fan of
Affordable & Portable and easy to use, 9-volt battery powered
gives you the freedom to ROCK anywhere!
So get AMPED with !
(Rock God not included!)

Click the play button above to hear a screaming sample of what can do, recorded especially for us by renowned Rock Guitarist Larry Mitchell.
Awesome Larry!

Larry Mitchell with his